Learn Korean

with your favorite Youtube video

Learn Korean from your favorite celeb & Youtuber!

Don’t get bogged down with the book anymore.
Start learning practical expressions in real life for fun.

With the perfect videos for you

You will need material that is intriguing and matches your Korean level as well.
We have prepared tons of videos for you to select from.

Master the key expression from the video!

Repeat the phrases, listen to them with & without the subtitles.
you will easily understand with the explanation in English.

Save the expressions to review!

you already forgot the expression you just learned yesterday?
Let’s review it and try it again!

Lisa (19)

you will be on the edge of your seat! Isn't it amazing you study with your favorite k drama! and all of this is just free!

John (24)

I started to study Korean because I wanted to listen k-pop without the subtitles! It is the perfect way to study Korean for me!

Carol (22)

I talked to my korean friends with using the expressions that I learnt from kong kong. and they were so amazed at me that I was talking like a korean! Thank you!